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It is certainly a blessing to see another New Year. It is our prayer that you, your family have a joyous, happy, and blessed 2012. Join us in making 2012 a great year for Gospel Quartet Music.

Many in the gospel music industry know Gregory Botts as the lead singer for The Starlights of Compton, California. He just recently released a single titled “God Has Smiled On Me.”

James Cleveland made this song one of the most popular songs in gospel music. Since that time, the song has been recorded by many. There are slow ballad versions of the songs. There are the choir versions of the song. And, there are even upbeat versions of the song. So it takes something different for someone to tackle this ‘always popular’ song and make it seem fresh.

That is just what Botts has done. He certainly his put his signature and unique vocals to this version. As you listen to Botts, you may think you are hearing the Isley Brothers tackle a quartet gospel songs; particularly with the la, la, la’s. In addition, Botts throws in a verse from “Amazing Grace.”

It should also be noted that the song was produced by Mr. Botts’ wife, Gail Botts. She gathered a great ensemble of musicians to assist in the delivery of an outstanding version of a very popular song.

Listen to “God Has Smiled On Me” during the Quartet Mix broadcast at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio beginning November 25, 2010.

There is a new Quartet Gospel Radio on the Internet. Gloryland Gospel has decided to enter into the world of the Internet radio network. There are a significant number of Internet radio broadcasts that feature quartet gospel. However, we do believe Gloryland Gospel Radio will fill a void in Internet radio. What will distinguish Gloryland Gospel Radio is the programming. For the first ten days of each month the broadcast will feature exclusively the CDs from our Top 20 Chart. For the remainder of the month the broadcast will consist of special programming. For instance, from January 19 – 21 we will feature Female Quartet Gospel Groups/Singers; like The Bell Singers, The McDonald Sisters, The Angelic Shaw Sisters, The Clara Ward Singers, The Caravans, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Evelyn Turrentine-Agee, The Miracle Sisters, Women of Strength, and many more.

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