Hi-Lites Music Ministries, Inc.Hi-Lites Music Ministries, Inc., was the brainchild of Doc McKenzie and Darryl Henley. The first project released by the label was in 2004. It was a live recording of four (4) groups titled Hi-Lites Music Ministries, Inc. Presents New Artist Development: Project I.

This groups on the video were Redemption of Columbus, Mississippi; New Chosen Disciples of Florence, South Carolina; Febe & The Chosen Ones of Tallahassee, Florida; and Little Sammy & The Flying Clouds, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In 2006, the label released the CD On Time by Leomia Boyd. In 2008, Hi-Lites Music Ministries released Thankful by Flossie Boyd Johnson & Favor. The label also released the concept videos by Doc McKenzie & The Hi-Lites for the songs “Just One Lifetime” and “Pouring Water.”

And, one of the label’s biggest successes was the release of the CD The Answer Is In The Music by Doc McKenzie & The Hi-Lites.