New DimensionA new group that really deserves your attention is New Dimension. New Dimension was organized in October 2008 in Lumberton, NC.

The members of the group are Paul Bethea, Walike Smith, Lafayette Graham, Rufus, McMillian, Mart Harris, Billy Jacobs, and Cordaryl Gainey. They range in ages, at the time of their new recording, from 19 to 23. The group members have grown into “seven dedicated young men that take their musical ministry seriously and understand that their purpose is not to sign for any form or fashion, but to minister to God’s people through song.” “Under the encouragement and management of Robert Aycock, their dream became a reality” and now this talented group of young men uses their angelic voices to spread the gospel in song.

This is a group full of youthful energy. And, from the first track of their new CD, you are put on notice that a younger generation is ready to put their stamp (and style) on traditional gospel music. The Intro to the CD is a hip hop style (almost rap) introduction to the members of the group. The youthfulness of the group is also reflected in the title to the CD, My Bible Is My GPS.

Older listeners (including elder gospel singers) may pause for a moment and try to grasp what the title is all about. However, young people will immediately know the analogy being made by New Dimension with the song from which the CD title is taken. And that is – So long as you are following the directions of the Bible – you are going the right way.

There are eleven (12) songs on the CD, with one being a Remix of the sure to be popular “Been There Done There.” And, long with the Intro to the CD, there is an Intro to the second half of the CD titled “Come On See Bout Me.”

With a truly distinctive sound, New Dimension is sure to be in demand to minister to the world. This group is ready to take “Quartet Gospel to the next level.”

Listen to songs from New Dimension during the Quartet Mix at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio broadcast beginning September 25, 2010.