Win Thompkins & The StompersWin Thompkins & The Stompers are about to take this country like a tidal wave. Who are Win Thompkins & The Stompers? Well, they are no strangers to the gospel music industry. The group is based in South Florida. It is a family group. They have been singing for many years. And, they have released eight CD’s and a DVD.

In 2009, they released the CD The Leaning Tree. The CD was recently picked up by Humility Music Group and MCG Records. With a new package, new release date and worldwide exposure, look for this CD to become one of the most sought after project of 2010.

The CD consists of music that will certainly remind the listener of yesteryears. There is music with a Southern Gospel style. There is certainly a country music feel to some of the songs. And, there is the down-home traditional gospel quartet flavor. As you listen to the CD, you will undoubtedly be thinking about quartet gospel groups from the 50’s and 60’s.

The songs on the CD are “What’s In Your Hand,” “Shakin Going On,” “Dressing Room,” “The Leaning Tree,” “The Lord’s Glory” and a “Medley.” There are 15 songs incorporated into the Medley. In fact, if this was a LP instead of a CD, the Medley would be the entire side 2.

Mr. Glenn Stevenson has found another winner with Win. Pastor Win is an outstanding lead singer. And, the Stompers are some of the best background singers in gospel music.

Listen to songs from the CD during the Quartet Mix at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio broadcast on October 25, 2010.

Travis Jackson, Jr.Often we find out about good gospel music from fans of Gloryland Gospel. That is exactly how the CD Songs of Hope came to our attention. One of the listeners to our Quartet Radio broadcast requested to hear the song “Count It All Joy” by Travis Jackson, Jr.

After much searching we discovered that Mr. Jackson recorded the song in 2009 for the Forte Record Label. The song is one of 13 on the CD Songs of Hope.

Mr. Jackson was “born and raised in Fordyce, Arkansas. Like every success story, he gained and continued his singing ability in the church. He’s been on the road playing and singing traditional Gospel Quartet music since his teen years.”

At an early age he recorded with his family group, The New Heavenly Stars. He would later become the lead singer for The Sensational Revelators.

Songs of Hope is Mr. Jackson’s debut solo project. There is literally something on the project for every gospel music taste, from the traditional gospel quartet sound to contemporary arrangements.

One of the online comments for the CD describes it as “an awesome CD! Powerful anointed vocals. This is the type of project you can put in and experience the manifest presence of God.” The reviewer encourages the reader to “don’t just download individual songs, get the whole CD because IT WILL BLESS YOU.” We agree. The reviewer certainly sums up our overall assessment of this CD.

Listen to songs from the CD during the Quartet Mix at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio broadcast.

The Prodigal Sons Have you ever heard of The Prodigal Sons quartet gospel group? Your first thought is probably – sure. But, from where we sit, the question would be which ones?

Often former members of a group will start a group and incorporate their prior association into the name. You know, like – formerly of, or the New, or the original. You get the idea.

Well, there is one name that is associated with numerous groups and none of them (to our knowledge) have anything in common. That name being – THE PRODIGAL SONS.

There is a quartet gospel group by the name of The Prodigal Sons in North Carolina; one in Mississippi; one in Georgia; one in Texas; one in Alabama; one in Florida; one in New Jersey; and at least two groups that bear that name in South Carolina. And, if we look closer, we’ll probably find the name associated with groups in other States.

With such a popular name, whenever we receive a project by a group bearing that name, it gets our attention. One of the outstanding set of Prodigal Sons are from Irmo, South Carolina. The members of the group are Deacon James Charley, Jr., Isaac Harris, and H. Henry Charley. Their new CD is titled Phase II – I Don’t Care What Church You Come From.

There are seven songs on the CD. They are “The Lord’s Prayer,” “I Don’t Care What Church You Come From,” “Heart Like Thine,” “You Got To Move,” “On The Battle Field,” “How I Got Over,” and “Come On In The Lord’s House.” As you can see from the titles, the songs are staples in gospel music. And, in spit of being already familiar with the songs, The Prodigal Sons’ version will still get your attention. This is a good CD by a local group.

Many may remember “I Don’t Care What Church You Come From” as a song made popular by Slim and The Supreme Angels. The Supreme Angels’ version was actually titled “Shake My Hand” and is on their Live In Jackson project. The Prodigal Sons’ version is as ‘country’ in style as The Supreme Angels’.

Listen to all of the songs from Phase II during the Quartet Mix broadcast on Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio beginning on September 25, 2010.

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