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2012 New Year's CelebrationThere are programs that happen each year that you can actually plan your quartet gospel calendar around. For instance, anyone involved with quartet gospel know that on the First Sunday in October, all roads lead to Augusta for The Swanee Quintet’s Anniversary. And, for over 30 years the Blockbuster Showdown has taken place in Florence, South Carolina during the first part of March. Likewise, each valentine weekend, quartet gospel enthusiasts journey to Albany, Georgia, for the Family Reunion Fest. Don’t forget the Mississippi Burning near the end of May. The Burning has been a mainstay on the Gospel Quartet concert calender for over 27 years.

And, of course there is the American Gospel Quartet Convention held the third (3rd) week of January in Birmingham, Alabama. This will be the twentieth (20th) year for the Convention. The “2012 AGQC will exhibit a strong atmosphere with a mixture of church and music industry presentations, seminars, record company showcases, special luncheon, and powerful preaching.”

Another annual event is the New Year’s Day program sponsored by Loretta Coleman in Columbia, South Carolina. January 1, 2012, will be the twelfth (12th) year for the program. The 2012 program is headlined by Doc McKenzie & The Hi-Lites. Joining the Doctor will be The Fantastic Violinaires, The Sensational Nightingales, The Legendary Singing Stars, Lil’ David & The Bells Of Joy, Lil’ Sonny & The Peacemakerz, Faithful, Rev. Mathew Mickens & The New Highway Travelers, and God’s Bless.

What a FANTASTIC way to begin the new year.

Dave Shirley and Tafal Gospel SingersDave Shirley and Tafal Gospel Singers of Los Angles, California, recently released their new project titled We See A Better Way.

Although this may be the first time you have heard of this group, the guys are no strangers to the gospel quartet genre. In fact, Dave Shirley is the cousin of Joe Ligon of The Mighty Clouds of Joy. And, Joe’s brother Clarence Ligon is a member of Dave Shirley and Tafal Gospel Singers.

Dave Shirley has been singing gospel for over 30 years. Years ago he was a member of The Five Tones of Binghamton, NY. The members of Dave Shirley and Tafal Gospel Singers were, at one time, known as The Angels of Joy. The Angels were based out of Los Angels, California.

Along with Ligon and Shirley, the other members of the group are Johnny Brown, Jerry Warner and Al Sanders. Including their years with The Angels of Joy, the guys have been together for over 25 years.

You may be wondering, as we were, what is Tafal? According to Mr. Shirley it is an acronym that contains the first letter of the name of each state were a group member was born – Texas, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

There are fifteen (15) songs on the CD. There are some really good ballads on the CD. The message in each song is inspiring and relevant to current events. Listeners will find it hard to take this project out of the player.

Listen to songs from the CD during the New Music and Quartet Mix broadcasts at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio.


How does a group distinguish themselves when others share the same name? That is the question that confronted a group from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

The Anointed Brown Sisters is a family group comprised of four sisters and one of the sisters’ daughter. The group is originally from Havana, Alabama. They have resided in Tuscaloosa for the past 35+ years.

The group members are Chrishon Brown-Smith, Ora Brown, Abigail Brown, Mesha Brown-Lanier, and Ms. Smith’s daughter, Crystal Smith. Chrishon Brown-Smith is the lead singer, songwriter, and arranger for the group. Her son Terrence Smith, Jr., is the group’s drummer. Other musicians for the group are Re’gal Moore, Antonio Pearson and Marcilliaus McMillian.

The desire to sing quartet style gospel music was instill in the sisters at an early age. Their mom is a soloist and their father a quartet singer. The sisters grew up singing in the church. They have ministered across this country. They have also toured England and Italy. They have recorded three (3) projects.

Now, as to their name – According to Ms. Chrishon Brown-Smith, initially they were called The Brown Sisters, “the little girls with the big voices.” “There were so many Brown Sisters in [Alabama and other states,] that [the group] wanted something that would [distinguish them] from other groups.” “We began to pray and believe God for lifestyle changes and were filled with the Holy Ghost. The Lord spoke through the man of God that we were anointed and the anointing would stay with us as long as we sought Him and lived according to His word. After service, I told my sisters that the name ANOINTED Brown Sisters was in my spirit and they all concurred that it was in their spirits as well. We took on the name as well as the definition of the word.”

They are outstanding representatives of this genre. They have stayed true to their calling. Thus, this group of anointed women is indeed worthy of being spotlighted as we celebrate Black Music Month.