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The Fantastic Spiritual VoicesIN THEIR OWN WORDS!

We originated under the leadership and guidance of the late Reverend Charlie Brown in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2012.  As we begun our journey with Rev Brown, we performed under the name; The Original Fantastic Heirs featuring Rev Charlie Brown, until his passing.  Upon his passing we decided to continue his legacy as The Fantastic Spiritual Voices out of Atlanta, Georgia.

As many know, Rev. Charlie Brown was a legend in the gospel music community.  He was a long time member of Robert Blair and Fantastic Violinaires of Detroit, Michigan. He was also lead singer for Rev, Charlie Brown and the Saints, Lil Blair and Fantastic Violinaires, and a long time member of The Pilgrim Jubilees.  He charged Danny Boone and Tim Boone, who are former members of Lil Blair and The Violinaires, to uphold his legacy.

Rev. Brown often encouraged us to continue singing the smooth sound of falsetto sound that he loved and help pioneered. It was Rev, Brown that help write and produce, along with Danny and Tim Boone, the CD, Dr. Jesus; with title song, Dr. Jesus, was a newer version of the tilted hit song Dr. Jesus that he sung with the Violinaires for years.  We continue to perform this song in his memory.

We hold all Rev. Brown’s teachings dear to our hearts as he telephoned from his sick bed and informed me, Tim Boone, to tell the members to keep on singing for he is proud to have sung with us over the years.

The Fantastic Spiritual Voices continue this journey singing God’s praises across the nation. We love worshiping God with our music as this transfer from our heart to heart of God’s people as well. We know without a doubt with God leading us there is no mountain to high or valley to low that we cannot overcome. We are The Fantastic Spiritual Voices of Atlanta Georgia. Members are Fred Jones, Danny Boone, Tim Boone, and Rev Reginald Saunders. God is awesome.

The Original Fantastic Heirs of Atlanta, GeorgiaIN THEIR OWN WORDS!

“I would like to introduce you to The Original Fantastic Heirs of Atlanta, Georgia. We feature the Legendary Reverend Charlie Brown, a long time mentor and member. As you know he was a member of Robert Blair and the Fantastic Violinaires from Detroit, Michigan, and an inductee into the Gospel Hall Of Fame. We are former members of Lil Blair and The Fantastic Violinaires that later became Lil Blair and The Fantastic Heirs for many years. We give glory to God, who has allowed us to venture out and continue the falsetto style of singing that made the Reverend Brown and others famous over the years. We decided to incorporate the falsetto singing style along with the smooth sounds of yesteryears; thus creating a unique sound that we hope you as well as our fans will enjoy. We have performed for many years throughout the nation singing God’s praise and will continue under the direction of Rev. Brown and other prominent ?gures in the gospel community.”

The new CD is titled, Dr. Jesus. “This is a rearranged version of the hit song by The Fantastic Violinares to show our appreciation to their years of performing and inspiring songsters” all over the world. Songs on the CD are “Dr. Jesus,” “Thank You Lord,” “Welcome Me Home,” “I Love You Lord,” “He Lives,” “My Life (Depending On You),” “Heaven,” “Precious Lord,” and “It Will Be Alright.”

The members of The Original Fantastic Heirs are Rev. Charlie Brown, Danny Boone, Quintin Boone, Rob Champion, James Johnson, and Tim Boone.

Listen to the entire CD during the March Quartet Mix broadcast at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio and during the month of April at Gloryland Gospel Radio.

The Homegoing services for Rev. Charles McLean was held on Friday, January 11, 2013, at Gospel Temple Church Of God In Christ, 4121 Thurmond Road, Conley, Georgia. Bishop Richard “Mr. Clean” White is the Pastor. Many dignitaries of the gospel quartet genre attended the services.

Musicians and singers of the quartet gospel genre made up the choir for the services. There were members from The Gospel Incredibles (Rev. Galbert Conner,. Jr., Clarence Conner, Willie Ellis), The Gospel Keynotes (Paul Beasley, Jeffery Newberry), Bill Allen of The Gospelaires, Tommy Spann of The Brooklyn Allstars, members of Troy Ramey & The Soul Searchers, members of The Fantastic Violinaires, members of Mildred Clark’s Melodyaires, members of The Blind Boys of Alabama, Bishop J. B. Means, nembers of The Swan Silvertones, and numerous other singers and musicians. Ricky McKinnie of the Boys Of Alabama did a moving rendition of one of Rev. McLean’s favorite songs – Soon We’ll Be Done With The Troubles Of This World.

Bishop White delivered the eulogy. He reminded all in attendance that Rev. McLean has crossed that “Same Old River” and it is up to us to be ready when God calls us home to do the same. The time is now to get ready for the certain journey.

There was a musical tribute for Rev. McLean on Thursday evening, January 10, 2013, at the same church. Those taking part in the musical tribute were members of The Gospel Incredibles, The Gospel Keynotes and many local gospel singers and musicians from the Atlanta Area.

Musical Tribute
Thursday, January 10, 2013, at 7:00 PM
Gospel Temple Church Of God In Christ
4121 Thurmond Road
Conley, GA 30288

Homegoing Services:
Friday, January 11, 2013, at 10:00 AM
Gospel Temple Church Of God In Christ
4121 Thurmond Road
Conley, GA 30288


In Charge Of Arrangements:
Meadows Mortuary
419 Flat Shoals Ave. S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30316