LowRush Compilation CD Vol 1LowRush Music just released their first compilation CD. The CD contains songs by groups that have been with the label for sometime (Lil Rev & The Georgia Boyz and The Gospel Incredibles) and by newcomers (Judah, Supreme 7, and The Leggett Brothers).

The project contains songs by groups that have been around the Gospel Music Industry for many years (The Flint Cavaliers and Pastor Victor Robertson & The South Florida Gospel Singers) and those that are just beginning to make their mark in the industry (Anthony Walls and Dr. Larry Phillip Brown).

The often used cliche “there is something on this CD for everyone” is certainly appropriate for this compilation. Looking for an upbeat song? The opening track will satisfy this taste. The Flint Cavaliers’ “Havin’ Chruch” and “Same God” will get your feet and hands moving. Looking for an awesome ballad? Check out Curtis Fullard’s “Satisfied With Jesus.” Looking for a great song for your choir? Check out “Ain’t That A Blessings” by Anthony Hill. Or maybe you just want a song with a unique arrangement – then check out “Leave It In The Hands Of The Lord” by The Supreme 7 or “Jesus On The Main Line” by Judah.

Maybe what you are really looking for is a song that will just ‘minister’ to you in a “time like this.” Well, in that case, any of the fourteen (14) songs on this project will quench your thirst.

Listen to the entire CD at Gloryland Gospel Radio and WLRM.