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The Legendary Singing Stars Many quartet gospel groups have tried to carry on after the death of their leader. Most have found it very difficult to do so. A group that has been able to move on after losing their leader is The Legendary Singing Stars – formerly Tommy Ellison & The Singing Stars.

The Legendary Singing Stars have released their first full CD since the passing of the leader, Tommy Ellison. In gospel circles Tommy Ellison was known as The Superstar. Thus it is fitting that the new CD is titled Sail On Superstar.

The title is even more meaningful to the group, it that the another member of the group that was called from rest to labor last year actually wrote the song – Dennis Bowers. Brother Bowers was the Rhythm Guitar Player for the group. He wrote the song as a tribute to The Superstar. Unfortunately, he was never able to record the song. Bowers’ son, Da’Quan Bowers sing the song on the new project and dedicates it to his father and The Superstar.

Members of the group are Sam Williams, Oscar “Big O” Hardnett, Billie Hardie, Antrun “Tron” Sherrills, Raynard Ladson, Da’Quan Bowers, and Justin Mickens. With Sam, Big O and Hardie anchoring the group, they are able to deliver that signature Singing Stars’ style to the project.

Listen to the entire CD at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio during the Quartet Mix broadcast for July.

Dennis BowersThe Quartet Gospel Community across the world is in mourning today. Dennis Bowers, guitar player and sometime lead singer of The Legendary Singing Stars, died on this morning. The group was scheduled to perform in Augusta, Georgia, last night. We understand Mr. Bowers became ill and eventually was taken to the hospital.

Mr. Bowers was one of the lead guitar players for The Legendary Singing Stars. He was an accomplished musician. If you were privilege to see the group in concert, you know Dennis would strum unimaginable chords with his guitar. He had a way of making his guitar “talk” to you. He was part of the trio (along with Sam Williams and Big O) that made The Singing Stars’ band sound like 6 or 7 musicians when in fact there were only the three.

On the group’s 2002 release Going To See My Friends, Mr. Bowers sang lead on “For This I Give Your Name the Praise,” “Don’t Leave Me Jesus” and “Doing It All for My Savior.” After the passing of the group’s anchor, Tommy Ellison, Mr. Bowers took over more of the lead duties.

Funeral arrangements at this time are not complete. Visit Quartet Central Message Board for updates on the arrangements.

***SC Gospel Quartet Radio will broadcast a special tribute to Mr. Bowers beginning Monday, August 9, 2010, through the date of his Home Going Services.

The Legendary Singing StarsThe Singing Stars are still “doing their thing.” With the death the legendary Tommy Ellison, there was a serious question of what would happen to The Singing Stars. Well, from a conversation with Sam Williams today it was clear that the guys recognized they had to regroup and bring in new members to still be a ‘national’ group in gospel music.

They called up one of the original members of The Five Singing Stars, Billy Hardie. For many years Mr. Hardie was the second lead singer for Tommy Ellison & The Five Singing Stars. After leaving the group, he recorded the very popular CD Call On Jesus as Billy Hardie and The Gospel Soul Brothers. He has returned as one of the lead singers for the current line up of The Legendary Singing Stars.

Guitarist Dennis Bowers also shares lead duties. Rhythm Guitarist Sam Williams is the glue that keeps it all together. He is joined by Franklin “Big O” Hardnett on the Bass Guitar, Joe Dawkins Jr. (Drummer), Dennis Da’Quan Bowers (Lead Guitar), Justin Mickens (formerly of Rev. Mathew Mickens & The New Highway Travelers) is another guitarist, and Joseph Ricks Horns (keyboard). All the musicians contribute to the background vocals.

Notice that there is now a keyboard player in the group. This addition represents a big step forward for The Legendary Singing Stars. We have often said Williams, Big O and Dennis together sounded like you were listening to a ten piece band. They had developed the right ‘plucks’ to make 3 guitars sound like a huge band section. Now with the addition of the keyboard player and a fourth guitar one can only imagine that the group’s on stage performances will be taken to another level.

According to Sam Williams, the new musicians bring youthful energy to an already energetic group and “we are blessed to have them.” The group is also working on new material. It is safe to say that by 2011 there will be many new songs from The Legendary Singing Stars.