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JACKSON, MS (June 15, 2012) – The Malaco Music Group is proud to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary 4 Winds Records has charted 5 albums this week on the Billboard Gospel Album chart. The 5 Billboard chart topping albums are the North Carolina Community Choir, “Story To Tell,” Roy & Revelation, “Thank You,” Jewell & Converted, “For Real,” Tammy Edwards & The Edwards Sisters, “On The Right Road Now,” and The Soul Messengerz, “Grace & Mercy;” In addition, Roy & Revelation’s “Live” DVD, “Thank You” has charted on the Billboard Video chart.

Launched in 2009, 4 Winds Records is not only the fastest growing Gospel label in the country (17 Titles), but has become the Premiere Gospel Quartet Music record label featuring the hottest and youngest Quartet Gospel groups touring the country today along with the Legendary Quartet Groups Of All Time. In its short existence, the 4 Winds label has garnered a 3 time 2011 Stellar Award Nominee & Winner, The Christian Angels (Quartet Of The Year), Stellar Award Nominee, The Golden Wings (Quartet Of The Year) as well as a GMA 2011 Dove Nominee, The Original Messengers (Traditional Gospel Album Of The Year) along with national television appearances on shows such as BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel.

Malaco Music Group has always been the leader and home of Quartet music leading back to their first ever Gospel artist signing, the number one (1) group of that era, The Jackson Sothernaires. Since that time, other Quartet groups followed reaching legendary status such as The Sensational Nightingales, The Original Soul Stirrers, Willie Banks & The Messengers, Robert Blair & The Fantastic Violinaires, &Willie Neal Johnson & The Gospel Keynotes. In 2006, with the acquisition of Atlanta International Records (AIR Gospel) added, Luther Barnes & The Sunset Jubilaires, Rev. F.C. Barnes & Company, Tommy Ellison & The 5 Singing Stars and The Swanee Quintet to name a few.

“This is not only exciting for the 4 Winds / Malaco family, but for the entire Gospel Quartet community. In a time in the Gospel industry, where Quartet Gospel music receives limited to no radio airplay, this accomplishment is a testament that there is interest and a buying consumer for Quartet Gospel music.” states, D.A. Johnson, Executive Director – Gospel Division of The Malaco Music Group.

Win Thompkins & The StompersWin Thompkins & The Stompers are about to take this country like a tidal wave. Who are Win Thompkins & The Stompers? Well, they are no strangers to the gospel music industry. The group is based in South Florida. It is a family group. They have been singing for many years. And, they have released eight CD’s and a DVD.

In 2009, they released the CD The Leaning Tree. The CD was recently picked up by Humility Music Group and MCG Records. With a new package, new release date and worldwide exposure, look for this CD to become one of the most sought after project of 2010.

The CD consists of music that will certainly remind the listener of yesteryears. There is music with a Southern Gospel style. There is certainly a country music feel to some of the songs. And, there is the down-home traditional gospel quartet flavor. As you listen to the CD, you will undoubtedly be thinking about quartet gospel groups from the 50’s and 60’s.

The songs on the CD are “What’s In Your Hand,” “Shakin Going On,” “Dressing Room,” “The Leaning Tree,” “The Lord’s Glory” and a “Medley.” There are 15 songs incorporated into the Medley. In fact, if this was a LP instead of a CD, the Medley would be the entire side 2.

Mr. Glenn Stevenson has found another winner with Win. Pastor Win is an outstanding lead singer. And, the Stompers are some of the best background singers in gospel music.

Listen to songs from the CD during the Quartet Mix at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio broadcast on October 25, 2010.

Doc McKenzie And The Hi-LitesDoc McKenzie and The Hi-Lites are making preparation to release their new DVD. Portions of the DVD were recorded in Tampa, Florida earlier this year. The DVD is titled “Feel Him Movin.” The title is taken from the very popular song on the group’s 2009 Renewed CD.

With the new DVD, viewers will be treated to the new as well as some of the older songs from the group. In addition, familiar faces from recent Hi-Lites’ members are part of the project. The blend of old and new makes this video a partial pictorial history of the group.

You will find performances for songs like “Feel Him Moving,” “Must Have Been Jesus,” “Pouring Water,” and “He Saw It All.” Also, the video of “Just One Lifetime” is revisited.

The special effects on this project make for an interesting viewing. Some may even describe the project is cutting edge for a quartet gospel group. But, then if asked to name a gospel quartet group that you believe would be in the forefront of coming up with a cutting edge DVD, who else would fans name – Doc McKenzie and The Hi-Lites.

The project should be available in stores in June or July.