Quartet Boyz RecordsTyler, Texas is the home of Quartet Boyz Records, Inc. The label began in 2001. Since that time they have recorded The Concert Supremes, Lil Blair and Violinaires, Chuck and the Guiding Clouds, Rev. L. W. McCowin and Redemption, The Holy Sons, and The Mighty Travelers.

The incomparable Dwight Gordon is the CEO of Quartet Boyz Records. Other officers are Napoleon Gilbert, President and Ronald Kennedy, Vice President. Together they have built a reputation for producing and delivering to the marketplace great quartet gospel music.

In addition to working with their own artists, the label’s studio has served as host to numerous artists desiring to use state of the art equipment. Gordon, through his production company, has worked with The New Keynotes, The Racy Brothers, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, and The Fantastic Violinaires. He toured with The Mighty Clouds of Joy for about twenty (20) years, with The Racy Brothers for about five (5) years, and with The Williams Brothers for about eight (8) years.

Quartet Boyz is a label that believes in promoting its artists. Unfortunately, some labels will record an artist, but put very little effort and resources in promoting the artist. From first hand experience with Quartet Boyz, we know they will promote their artist. They have used the Internet and other avenues to get the word out about their artist.

We anticipate nothing but great quartet gospel music to continue to flow from the combined talents of those associated with Quartet Boyz Records.