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Ms. Hattie Elizabeth BushBlack History Spotlight
There are many affiliated with the gospel quartet genre that may not be household names, but their contribution to this genre is just as important, if not more so, than persons we know on a first name bases. We call them unsung heroes. They contribute their time, their money and their passion to ensure that the music is heard in their community. And, in addition to their commitment to the genre, they are often pillars of their community.

One such person was Ms. Hattie Elizabeth Bush, of Orlando, Florida. Ms. Bush transitioned home on Thursday, December 23, 2010. She was the lead singer of the Spiritualette Gospel Singers. Under her guidance, for over 35 years, the group became a staple on the gospel circuit in She was also a Radio Angel for WUNA – AM 1480. Ms. Bush program was so popular that it would often be the launching pad, in the Orlando community, for new gospel music issued by independent and major labels. Her commitment to spreading the good news reached legendary status. Ms. Bush appreciated the impact that gospel music had on the lives of her listeners. That appreciation extend to no only insuring airing what her listeners wanted to hear, but also in her services as emcee for so many gospel concerts.

Ms. Bush was truly one of the unsung heroes of this genre.

The Reverend Henry LeVance Postell, II - Postell's MurtuaryBLACK HISTORY SPOTLIGHT
Some may remember when, “in the good old days,” the person that was responsible for bringing your favorite gospel singer to the community was the local undertaker. Now we call them Funeral Homes. But, it was not long ago when the ‘local undertaker’ was probably the person many looked to for directions on civil rights, notary services, other community concerns; and yes, to bring gospel singers that were popular during that time to the community. Afterall, even if the community did not have a lawyer of color, or public officials of color, there was the undertaker. And, many Funeral Homes have continued to provide services to their community that extends beyond life ending decisions.

As soon as there was a local radio station that catered to the community, the Funeral Homes would be the first business solicited for advertisement. When any activity was going on in the community the local funeral home would be one of the first businesses to lend their tents, chairs, cars and contribute their money. And, that kind of charity extends to helping gospel artists ‘then and now.’

One such Funeral Home that certainly remains a pillar of their community is Postell’s Murtuary, of Orlando, Florida. When told that we were considering a “Black History Spotlight” recognizing the postive impact funeral directors have had on this genre, Minister Mannie Wooten (of Apopka, Florida) immediately recommended we take a close look at Postell.

We were somewhat familiar with Postell, because they provided services to the family of Ms. Hattie Bush, who we will be spotlighting this month.

We learn that Postell is, indeed, a very active part of the community. It appears that for most events effecting the community in and around Orlando, Postell “goes beyond the call of duty in supporting several youth groups, churches and charitable organizations in the community with ads and donations.” They even have a weekly program on radio station WOKB (1600 AM). And, for those in the Orlando area, you know that WOKB airs Gospel Music. That says a great deal about Postell commitment to this genre.

Postell’s Mortuary is truly one of the unsung heroes of this genre.

Dave Shirley and Tafal Gospel SingersDave Shirley and Tafal Gospel Singers of Los Angles, California, recently released their new project titled We See A Better Way.

Although this may be the first time you have heard of this group, the guys are no strangers to the gospel quartet genre. In fact, Dave Shirley is the cousin of Joe Ligon of The Mighty Clouds of Joy. And, Joe’s brother Clarence Ligon is a member of Dave Shirley and Tafal Gospel Singers.

Dave Shirley has been singing gospel for over 30 years. Years ago he was a member of The Five Tones of Binghamton, NY. The members of Dave Shirley and Tafal Gospel Singers were, at one time, known as The Angels of Joy. The Angels were based out of Los Angels, California.

Along with Ligon and Shirley, the other members of the group are Johnny Brown, Jerry Warner and Al Sanders. Including their years with The Angels of Joy, the guys have been together for over 25 years.

You may be wondering, as we were, what is Tafal? According to Mr. Shirley it is an acronym that contains the first letter of the name of each state were a group member was born – Texas, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

There are fifteen (15) songs on the CD. There are some really good ballads on the CD. The message in each song is inspiring and relevant to current events. Listeners will find it hard to take this project out of the player.

Listen to songs from the CD during the New Music and Quartet Mix broadcasts at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio.