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Win Thompkins & The StompersWin Thompkins & The Stompers are about to take this country like a tidal wave. Who are Win Thompkins & The Stompers? Well, they are no strangers to the gospel music industry. The group is based in South Florida. It is a family group. They have been singing for many years. And, they have released eight CD’s and a DVD.

In 2009, they released the CD The Leaning Tree. The CD was recently picked up by Humility Music Group and MCG Records. With a new package, new release date and worldwide exposure, look for this CD to become one of the most sought after project of 2010.

The CD consists of music that will certainly remind the listener of yesteryears. There is music with a Southern Gospel style. There is certainly a country music feel to some of the songs. And, there is the down-home traditional gospel quartet flavor. As you listen to the CD, you will undoubtedly be thinking about quartet gospel groups from the 50’s and 60’s.

The songs on the CD are “What’s In Your Hand,” “Shakin Going On,” “Dressing Room,” “The Leaning Tree,” “The Lord’s Glory” and a “Medley.” There are 15 songs incorporated into the Medley. In fact, if this was a LP instead of a CD, the Medley would be the entire side 2.

Mr. Glenn Stevenson has found another winner with Win. Pastor Win is an outstanding lead singer. And, the Stompers are some of the best background singers in gospel music.

Listen to songs from the CD during the Quartet Mix at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio broadcast on October 25, 2010.

Humility Music Group Mention Glenn Stevenson to any connoisseur of gospel music and immediately Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC’s come to mind. In addition, images of a guy that is always at major (and many minor) quartet gospel events will surface. Glenn Stevenson is truly one of the ‘cornerstones’ of the quartet gospel genre. He has an ear for good gospel music. And, he seems to know what group is likely to be the next jewel in gospel music well before the general public even knows of the group’s existence.

So, it was not surprise that when he would start his own label, Humility Music Group. One of the first groups to be signed was Pastor Walter Ellis & The Country Boys. The next group to call the label home was Blest By Four. They were followed by Charles Davis & The Clouds. The label recently releases the second nationally distributed CD on Blest By Four titled Just Like Fire.

Humility Music Group is one of the trailblazers in developing a profitable joint venture relationship with another label to maximize the exposure of its artists. An example of this is the signing of The Gospel Legends of Columbia, South Carolina. Humility and MCG Records actually joined forces to deliver the group’s first nationally distributed project titled Transition.

The Humility Music Group will be one of the major players in this genre for many years.

The Gospel LegendsThe wait is over. The Gospel Legends’ CD, Transition, was one of the most sought after gospel quartet projects in 2009. On May 2, 2009, the group performed each of the songs from the CD at a concert in Memphis, Tennessee. MCG Records recorded three groups in concert on that day – Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC’s, Apostle J. L. Cash & Praise, and The Gospel Legends of Columbia, South Carolina.

Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC’s CD and DVD, titled Fall On Me, were released 60 days after the concert. Apostle J. L. Cash & Praise’s CD and DVD, titled I’ve Got A Feelin’, were released during the last quarter of 2009. Now, The Gospel Legends‘ DVD will be released this month.

Humility Music Group in conjunction with MCG Records have truly taken this group to another level. To see clips from the DVD visit Humility Music Group’s website. For those that cannot wait for the DVD to arrive at their local music store, the DVD will be available at The Blockbuster Showdown on Saturday, March 6, 2010, in Florence, South Carolina.