MALACOThere are only a few “big” labels in the gospel music industry. And this is certainly true when you look at the major labels that dominate the quartet gospel genre. One of the biggest label of this genre is MALACO.

MALACO released their first gospel project in 1973. The project was Gospel Train by The Golden Nuggets. Since then, MALACO has released projects on some of the legendary group of this genre. The list is really a “whose who” of modern day quartet gospel music. SOME of the groups that have been a part of (and in some instances still with) MALACO are The Jackson Southernaires, Willie Neal Johnson & The Gospel Keynotes, Robert Blair & The Fantastic Violinaires, Margaret Allison & Angelic Gospel Singers, The Sensational Nightingales, Willie Banks & The Messengers, The Truthettes, The Evereadys, and The Pilgrim Jubilees.

Through the acquisition of other labels, MALACO has released projects by Inez Andrews, Shirley Caesar, Albertina Walker, Rev. James Cleveland, The Caravans, Dorothy Norwood, Luther Barnes, Rev. F. C. Barnes & Company, Luther Barnes & The Sunset Jubilees, and numerous choirs.

It should not surprise anyone that MALACO will probably continue to dominate the quartet gospel genre, like no other label, for many, many years.