Radio Angel Mary HarrisThis week we spotlight Radio Angel Mary Harris. Mary is from Aiken, South Carolina. She is been on the radio for “to many years to count.” She can currently be heard on WAAW 94.7 also referred to as Rejoice Radio 94.7. She can be heard each weekday from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM. She can also be heard each Sunday from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM as the host of Quartet Showcase.

Her program is called POWER AND PRAISE “HOST” SISTER MARY HARRIS (VIRTUOUS WOMAN). Mary voices her excitement about being on the number one Gospel Radio Station in the Augusta, Georgia, area. In addition, her weekday program is the number one broadcast for the early morning drive time slot in the Augusta, Georgia, area.

Mary has a passion for gospel quartet music. Not only is she a Radio Angel, but she is also a promoter and serves as Booking Agent for several gospel quartet groups.

Her work extends far beyond the radio station. She is active in local politics. And, have been recognized for her work in her community and in the political arena. She was recently recognized and honored by the American Gospel Quartet Convention as ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN THE AMERICA’S GOSPEL AND QUARTET MINISTRY.

She is a mother of one and God Mother to many. She is a woman that loves the Lord and work and walk daily to the will of God.

Whenever you are near Augusta, Georgia or Aiken, South Carolina, tune in to the number one gospel broadcast in the area and get your praise on.