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Dave Shirley and Tafal Gospel SingersDave Shirley and Tafal Gospel Singers of Los Angles, California, recently released their new project titled We See A Better Way.

Although this may be the first time you have heard of this group, the guys are no strangers to the gospel quartet genre. In fact, Dave Shirley is the cousin of Joe Ligon of The Mighty Clouds of Joy. And, Joe’s brother Clarence Ligon is a member of Dave Shirley and Tafal Gospel Singers.

Dave Shirley has been singing gospel for over 30 years. Years ago he was a member of The Five Tones of Binghamton, NY. The members of Dave Shirley and Tafal Gospel Singers were, at one time, known as The Angels of Joy. The Angels were based out of Los Angels, California.

Along with Ligon and Shirley, the other members of the group are Johnny Brown, Jerry Warner and Al Sanders. Including their years with The Angels of Joy, the guys have been together for over 25 years.

You may be wondering, as we were, what is Tafal? According to Mr. Shirley it is an acronym that contains the first letter of the name of each state were a group member was born – Texas, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

There are fifteen (15) songs on the CD. There are some really good ballads on the CD. The message in each song is inspiring and relevant to current events. Listeners will find it hard to take this project out of the player.

Listen to songs from the CD during the New Music and Quartet Mix broadcasts at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio.

New GenerationThere is a new generation of gospel quartet singers that are beginning to make a positive impact on this genre. One such group is New Generation. There are several groups that have adopted the name New Generation. However, the one we are referencing is out of Houston, TX.

This group was formed in December of 2008 by four brothers. According to their bio, they “began in music and ministry at a very young age, never having had lessons or gone to music school, but learned by experience in their home church.” Two members of the group are ministers.

Mario Rivers is the Manager and Keyboard Player for the group. Antaun Stewart is the group’s Drummer. Minister Marcus Stewart is on of the Lead Singer and Bass Player. Reverend Alonzo Stewart is the other Lead Singer and Bass Player. The group’s Lead Guitar Player is Donzell Taylor.

The group recently released a 3-play titled He Will Provide. Songs of the CD are “Keep On Moving,” “God’s Unchanging Hand” and “Waitin’ On Jesus.” Make no mistakes about it, the songs reflect that group is well rooted in traditional gospel music. With young men like the members of New Generation entering into the quartet gospel genre, the future not only looks bright for the genre, but it will be in good hands.

Listen to songs from the CD during the Quartet Mix and New Music broadcasts at Gloryland Gospel Quartet Radio.

Medicine For SomeoneLater this month, MCG Records will be releasing the CD Medicine For Someone. The project is the product of The Black Academy Of Arts And Letters (TBAAL). It was recorded live at TBAAL, Dallas Convention Center Theater Complex, Dallas, Texas. It is a mixture of traditional and contemporary gospel with a strong influx of jazz and some R&B.

The project has something for everyone. Quartet gospel fans will be drawn to the songs by Ruben Studdard, Ann Nesby and Yarbrough & Peoples. Jasmine Guy does the reading of the Curtis King’s prose on Language.

The title of the project is taken from one of the songs done by Ruben Studdard. After listening to the entire project, we suggest it should be called Medicine For Everyone.

Take a look at the songs and the artists on the project:

Medicine For Someone Else
Teach Me To Love

Ruben Studdard

Praise In The Midst Of The Rain
Lloyd Spence

Living Word
Taylor Pace, Lloyd Spence & Sam “Shake” Anderson

What Would You Have Me Do?
Ann Nesby

Our Victory Is Sure
Le’Titia Smith

Deeper Righteousness
Rick James

Sam “Shake” Anderson

Jump Til’ You Feel Something
Yarbrough & Peoples

Won’t Have To Worry
Tommye Young-West

Bask (In The Presence Of The Lord)
Brenda Ellis

PTYHOMP (Please Take Your Hands Out My Pocket)
Andrea Wallace

My Language
Reading – Jasmine Guy
Written by Curtis King
Music and Arrangement by Sam “Shake” Anderson & Taylor Pace