Church Door RecordsOur first exposure to Church Door Records was actually with the release of a sermon by Rev. Jasper Williams. That was in the mid 1970’s. It was not long thereafter that we heard The Five Singing Sons of North, South Carolina. The Sons initial releases with Church Door were through the name The Sensational Five Singing Sons.

It was those early releases that drew our attention to Church Door Records. We discovered that Church Door also had released on The Related Six, The Southern Harmoneers, The Spiritual Aires, The Daytonians, as well as The Favorite Aires.

Many of the groups may not be household names. However, that by no means diminishes the greatest of the music they released through Church Door Records. In deed, some of the groups from Church Door are still around today. Every so often we’ll get a new release from a group like The Related Six.

The label was headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It was eventually taken over by AIR (Atlanta International Records) Gospel.